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Do you know Mature Love?

immature love vs mature love

Do you ever look back at a relationship and think, “I thought I loved them, but now I don’t think I did.”  This can be because you mistook need for love.  We often “need” the person we pair up for various reasons: they meet some needs, they are familiar to us, they help support us (in various ways).  It is tough to separate that “need” from love.  But when we can be our own, developed, mature, autonomous persons and truly love a person, then we “need” them becuase we love them, not vice versa.

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My ESPN Radio post! Listen here! :)

HI! Here is the audio playback and some pics from my ESPN Radio Interview talking a bit about what I do and a few quick tips on how to emotionally survive a bankruptcy! Im on for the entire hour, but my segment starts right around 26:30min in. Thanks for listening! 🙂


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Drug Court Participant Reflects on Life-Changing Program

While I was collecting my intern hours for my state licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist, I worked in an incarceration-diversion program.  As with any recovery programs, there is mixed participation from the clients, but it was there that I developed a love for working with people who truly wanted to kick their addictions.!

This article is a reflection piece of a one such participant.

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Who gets to claim they are “in recovery”

For those working in the field or dealing with their own or someone else’s ventures in recovery from addiction, this is an interesting read.  Words have so much meaning  –  this poses some thoughts on how or why we would describe someone as “in recovery”.


time to reclaim recovery