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The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast – Check it out!


Coaching Through Chaos Podcast



I launched the Coaching Through Chaos Podcast – Bringing You what you need to Succeed in June on CoachingThroughChaos.com and on Bloomberg Radio 1110AM KTEK Houston’s Priceofbusiness.com.

The show is designed to bring you information and resources to empower you, educate you and enhance your life.  Once a month I’m going to a feature a resource specific for our Veterans and their families.  The episodes are 30 minutes long & launch each Tuesday along with an article on the subject on CoachingThroughChaos.com.

Guest line up so far:

Dr. Mark Wiederhold of the Virtual Reality Medical Center

Dr. Harry Haroutunian, the Physician Director of the Betty Ford Center

Darlene Lancer, LMFT, author of “Codependency for Dummies

Ret. Detective Mike Proctor, expert/author of “Antidote for a Stalker

Andrew Chang, Managing Partner of Eastern Foundry talking about their Foundry Cup competition for new tech to help our veterans with PTSD

Amy Morin, LCSW, best-selling author of “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Jeff Motske, CFP, radio host & author of “The Couples Guide to Financial Compatibility

Melanie Notkin, best-selling author,entrepreneur talking about her book, “Otherhood“.

Stewart Levine, expert/author of “Getting to Resolution

Sasha Ginsberg, LCSW talking about mental wellness treatment at Westside DBT.

Shelly Davidescu, LMFT, therapist and entrepreneur talking about her Clean Forks program for female entrepreneurs.

Vahakn Matossian talking about the developments at HumanInstruments.co.uk and how they are making a difference in physically-challenged musicians lives.

The developers of the PocketLabApp bringing new ways for therapists to help their clients through their iphone.


If you want to follow me between episodes, please sign up for my mailing list at CoachingThroughChaos.com/podcast.  As a thank you for signing up, you’ll receive a FREE download of my ebook, “5 Ways: 100 Tips for Living a Happier, Healthier Life“.

If you have  ideas for guests, or if there’s a guest you’d like to hear from, let me know. I’m happy to take your suggestions.

If you know someone who continues to struggle with the same emotional mistakes over and over – whether it’s work, relationship or addiction problems, or depression, anxiety or past trauma gets in the way of them living a more fulfilling life, please send them the link to CoachingThroughChaos.com – we’d like to help 🙂

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Don’t forget to laugh!

Good-humor-is-a-tonic-for-mind-and-body.-It-is-the-best-antidote-for-anxiety-and-depression.-It-is-a-business-assetHumor is one of our best resilient traits.  This means not only being able to laugh at ourselves, but also being able to find humor in seemingly untenable situations.  We know that when people can laugh during difficult times, they are able to rebound from them easier and healthier – Yes – even when your ill, humor helps you stay healthier longer, or recover faster when that is possible.  So…when your stressed, don’t forget to laugh a little.


A weekend wish for you….

idead running around headWe sometimes have so many ideas, thoughts and emotions running through our heads.  During our work weeks, it can be hard to find time to sort through them, to even feel them or savor them.  Did you have a really great moment this week you want to hold on to?  or in contrast, did you and your partner have an argument you haven’t even had time to process yet?  My wish for you is to take some time for yourself this weekend to sit with your thoughts, hear them, feel them (even the difficult ones) and make decisions about what to do about them.  Then, take some time to tend to yourself and your loved ones.

Exercise is my fix-all!

I like to start most days off with some vigorous exercise.  I find it’s the best way for me to let go of some stress while also feeling more energized before a long day at the office.  Exercise is one of the best natural remedies of anxiety and depression and is a tremendous stress reviler.   The article in the link below refers to research that’s finding that a 10 minute walk can have the same stress relieving benefits as a 45 minute workout.  Through other things I do to schedule “me” time into my life, I have the ability to workout for an hour or longer when I want to.  I very much realize that most people don’t have this kind of time.  However, everyone has 10 minutes! When’s the last time you took a 10 minute walk outside your office during your lunch hour? or a 10 minute early on a Saturday morning to let go of the Monday through Friday stressors and get your head in to “weekend mode”.  When all else fails, you can walk in place while you watch the morning news or if you normally watch shows at night.

I think because of the level of stress some people deal with, they feel they have to go “all or nothing” into an “exercise routine”.  If you connect with that thinking, I would tell you to just concentrate on 10 minutes of movement today.  Get that out of the way, then worry about tomorrow.

Think of the 10 minutes of movement as your daily pill of “movement medicine”.’s funny, when a doctor prescribes someone medicine, we take it.  But when a doctor prescribes an exercise routine, they rarely get followed through on.

If you find that you want to start this 10 minute (or longer) of movement in your life, but you are having trouble getting motivated, check out my website CoachingThroughChaos.com – I would love to help you tap into your motivation and get you moving towards a more stress-free life!

Best wishes for success to you!


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Look forward to the future, without fear or the need to control it.